Delivery Services

Tech Seven IT Services provides delivery services to help your business meet the ever increasing demands of your customers. When helping you delivery your products and services to your end customer we act as an extension of your own business team. We care about quality and speed of delivery just like you and put all of our efforts into delivering on time every time.

Below are several delivery services we offer:

Remote System Configuration:

Our technically skilled team has the ability to access remote systems for the purpose of initial configuration, performance improvements and maintenance / support of existing systems.

Image/Video Processing:

Our team is uniquely skilled to process high volumes of images and videos for the purpose of quality checks, categorizing and data mining / analysis. We can deliver these services with extremely high accuracy and process large volumes on a daily bases.

Data Entry/Data Processing/Data Analysis:

Depending on your needs our team has the ability to delivery data entry, data processing and data analysis services on any type of data set.

Quality Assurance:

Quality matters and our team has the skills to help ensure your products reach the market with the least amount of issues. We can follow your test scripts and even help create them so that your products are consistently tested for each and every release.

If the service you are looking to outsource isn’t listed here it doesn’t mean that we don’t provide it. Contact us today to discuss other potential project types and how we might best help your business.