Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of common questions that our customers had when they were trying to determine if outsourcing was right for their business. Hopefully this list will answer your questions but if not feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help answer any questions you might have about TeK7 or outsourcing in general.


Why should my business outsource?

Outsourcing certain business processes provides you great leverage and lets your current team focus by best using their time and skills. Business process outsourcing gives you the opportunity to choose the right team for the right purpose. Don’t unnecessarily burden your most valuable team members with routine task, monotonous work or labor intensive jobs.

We need to cut cost will outsourcing help?

Depending on your business, industry and current market atmosphere outsourcing purely to reduce cost may not help and could be a bad idea. We generally caution customers who are looking to reduce their staff to simply rehire the same qualified workers at a lower cost. From a balance sheet perspective things will look better but from an internal operation and functional perspective it could be disastrous.

Do you provide call center services?

No we do not provide call center service but we do strongly believe that all phones lead to India.

Could we come to India to train your team?

Yes, absolutely and we highly recommend it. You’ll have a great experience visiting India and our team would benefit from your visit and in person training.

Do we have to come in person to train your team?

No, in most cases sending documentation, exchanging emails, instant messaging and having video conference calls is very adequate for us to get starting working for you.

Can we bring a few of TeK7’s team members to our office for training?

Yes, our team members are happy to come to your office for training. It’s a great way for you to transfer knowledge and ensure our team is ready for your next big project.

Will the same people work on all of our projects?

Yes, in most cases the same people will consistently work on your projects. We’ve found this help ensure quality and reliable turnaround times for each of your projects.

Do you invoice by the hour or by project?

Depending on the type of work we’ll choose the best bill strategy that’s mutually agreeable. We generally invoice monthly by email unless your business requires a paper invoice to mailed.

How do we pay and in what currency?

We prefer to get paid in US Dollars. All our pricing and invoices are based on US Dollars. Our customers pay us via wire transfers.

We are a seasonal business and have high volumes of work during a few months of the year; can you help us?

Yes, we are very process driven and even if you only require our services a few months out of each year we’d love to work with you.

Will we lose control if we choose to outsource?

No, not at all. In fact you’ll most likely find that you have greater control and more insight into your delivery process. You define the ideal process and our team will ensure its followed. If you want to see reports daily, weekly, monthly, etc. you get them on time every time. When you decided to change the process or workflow we’ll take immediate action and begin implementing the new direction.