How we do it

TeK7 Business Services provides a variety of services to our customers and often customizes the delivery process to meet their specific requirements. In order to deliver high quality service with efficiency and cost effectiveness we create a well-defined process around your deliverables. Our delivery process generally includes four components: Workflow Management, Process checklist, Project Verification and Training.


Workflow Management :

Delivery of your project(s) first start with your team communicating that new project(s) are available for our team. Therefore, the first key to the successful delivering of your project(s) is to ensure that no work is overlooked. We help you define and follow your workflow management process. For some customers this process is simply done through shared spreadsheets, for others we collaborate through an FTP server and for some we log into their project management system to begin the process. We help you choose a convenient and efficient way send and check the status of your projects.


Communication is a large component of this process and we strive to ensure that status of each project is kept up to date. In the case of questions or issues we work with you to define a resolution process so that we can quickly get back to work for you. Generally this resolution process first includes an internal component that lets a team member raise a certain issue to others within the team with the idea that hopefully over time we can solve most common question and issues through a shared knowledge base from the team experience. For special case circumstances that prevent us from resolving a question or issue from internal team knowledge or from training material provided we will communicate back to your team as quickly and efficiently as possible through the workflow management process and then document the resolution for future use on your projects.

Process Checklist :

Consistent quality is best achieved when we can systematically follow a checklist or recommend guidelines during the delivery process. For projects big and small we create checklist to ensure that each team member is able to deliver your work with quality and accuracy.


Project Verification :

Quality and accuracy is our support pillar to ensure we have done our best work on each task. We double check or spot check projects to ensure quality control. 100% accuracy is our goal and we constantly strive to achieve that goal.


Training :

In order to deliver your projects continuously with the highest quality, we create training processes that allow new team members to join your team as demand increases. These internal training processes allow our team members to quickly adapt to new technologies, projects or processes. Additionally we support continuing education training among our team member to ensure each member is able to continually meet your project requirements.



Our four-step process allows us to consistently deliver your projects at the highest quality level, with the most efficiency and in a cost effective way.